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California – Part One

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Our trip began in Warsaw airport with great news that our flight was canceled. We must go to BA and they rebooked us to LOT flight. Next great news was in london, the security guard said us that it impossible to get to our flight to San Francisco. Our last chance was that our luggage should automatically send to SF, so security guard gets our documents and come back with our tickets, he told to us “run quickly to gate 10”. The last thing was that our luggage didn’t run so quickly as we did ;). BA gave us 50$ for primary prerequisite. That was enough for us, so we rent a car and go to Golden Gate vista point.

Misfortunately we didn’t have camera because main was in luggage and the new one was uncharged. So we simple go for a Nappa valley, the country of wine on oil. Unfortunately we was exhaust so we stay in motel. Next day we eat in Tarantino like bar.
Next we arrived into Jack London cottage. He invented many interesting things, I simply could say that he was American Edison. He was writer, farmer , etc. The park near his cottage is nice to see, but you must look out poison oak and Rattlesnake

After that we went to Benziger winery which is famous for Biodynamic wine-growing. We taste great Pinot Noir, than Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and finally Syrath. Decision was not easy at all, so we asked for help. We bought six bottles, and the greatest of mine I keep in secret and will drink it with my wife on our marriage date. We ask about others winery and we get for free a map, and a suggestion about the road. Yeah Trinity Road was pleasure for our eyes but I as driver hadn’t good time, lots of curves with nice views after few glasses of wine.

Ok because I see it’s no easy to write all the story at once, this is the end of part one episode one ;).

See you

Full map of part one, we are in 20-30% of the road ;), If you like to go deeply into details, let me know

Time for sponsor – Roche Winery 😉 and few photos

Our car and first moteltarantino.pngRoche WinerySnakes we love itJack London ParkBenziger wineryTrinity Road




Very nice trip! 😀