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CMMI level 3 is huge challenge for us. Some time ago I was using findbugs just for fun, now it’s time to use it on all projects I’m involved in. Findbugs is a project started in TheUniversity of Maryland as a result of research on static code analysis. There are three bug categories: Correctness bug […]


Java Generics and Collections

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I read this book twice, and I suggest every java developer two read it twice or more. Some time ago I passed SCJP before this exam I thought that I know Generics but I didn’t. So when I saw this book in Roche Library I knew I should read it. The book has two parts, […]


California – Part One

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Our trip began in Warsaw airport with great news that our flight was canceled. We must go to BA and they rebooked us to LOT flight. Next great news was in london, the security guard said us that it impossible to get to our flight to San Francisco. Our last chance was that our luggage […]


SD West – last day

The last day was little bit dull. I think because it was last day and mans was going to flights , and it was sad. First speech was “Aspect-Oriented Design and Programing in Ruby” by Dean Wampler. He creates and manages AOP ruby project called Aquarium. He shown a lot of code, and by examples […]

SD WEST – day two

First session was the workshop with Amr Elssamadisy. He is an author of great book “Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption”, which can be also downloaded FOR FREE from infoq site. Great workshop, great book, and he give me a copy of it with personal autograph. Next I want to know something more about java nio, […]


SD West – the begining

Due to our time, I will be describing SD West from the past perspective. California is great place to be, we sow so much vineries and of course Golden Gate. Than we move to sierra nevada near Lake Tahoe. One fact : The State of California (the size is similar to Poland) can be supplied […]