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Eclipse Ganymede

Next version of eclipse IDE will be called “Ganymede”. The name is the third moon of Jupiter. The release date is scheduled on June 30 2008. Some features for M1:

  • Profiles with shared plugins : You can create multiple profiles, but all bundles are downloaded once.
  • 64-bit for Windows
  • Regular Expressions support in find/replace.
  • Replacing text now uses the same dialog as refactoring (preview, undo)
  • Ignore Resources (good for .svn or for target directory 😉 )
  • Correct spelling in CVS so I guess SVN plugin do the same.
  • Drag text into Expressions, yea this is really cool feature
  • Extract Class from groups of fields.
  • Move block of code by drag and drop in Outline View.
  • Watchpoint for field access & modification

I’ll be waiting for next version 😉