Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Eclipse v3.3

The list of new feature is huge. The first improvement but for me not interesting at all is windows vista native support (double-buffered painting, WPF).

Here is my filtered list 😉

  • Ctrl + 3 -> quick access UI elements (views, commands, preference pages..) with initials of words searching.
  • Ctrl + Alt +Click -> step into method when debugging
  • Refractoring without dialog
  • Initial searching – GS finds GenericServlet
  • DateTime control
  • Show references/all instances when debugging on java6
  • Null variable check detection improvements
  • Content assist for variable with unresolved type
  • Great mozilla integration
  • Open multiple types
  • Annotation processing
  • Comparing/patching improvements
  • SSH2
  • Quick assists now support also refractoring part
  • Spell checking
  • Content assist in plugin.xml and MANIFEST.MF
  • Scrolling Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • OSGi R4.1
  • Undo operation – undo’s resource operation and task and bookmar