Pragmatic Programmer Issues

The First Day – Jazoon

I’ve got some problems with my trips. I’ve got a hotel in Basel, and Jazoon is in Zurich, maybe it’s not so big problem, but I don’t like waste money and time. Unfortunately there was some conferences in Zurich other than Jazoon so every hotel in town was fully occupied. When I was accepted my Basel hotel, I gave one chance, very small hotel without WIFI and others stuff. So I’ve found it. It’s in center of Zurich downtown, great place to stay and sightseeing Zurich.

I am in love in Switzerland and Zurich, and of course I was informed my wife that we move to Switzerland as soon as possible.

The keynote by Ted Neward was about languages build on top of JVM. I was very surprised because on December 2006 I’ve got similar seminary in my company. There are so many such languages and what Ted suggested to everyone is to try build your own language because it’s now very easy to do. The key features are
• Virtualization which make we can worry about memory management and others low-level stuff.
• Tools which helps us build parsers, AST, provide us opportunity to modify byte code.
I certainly try write my own language.

Now waiting for Aaron Digulla speech about what wrong with java.