Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Jazoon – Day 2

Yesterday talks were amazing. The most interesting talk was about glassfish architecture by Jerome Doches from Sun Microsystems. He talks a lot about low level architecture of glassfish v3, and what can be interested glassfish starts in 2-3 seconds, and …. Supports rail, phobos and some others application which are no java application, and it happens automatically. Another talk was about Hibernate Search and I write more about it later because it very advance topic and I want know more about it.

JMaki also made impression on me. It is very nice framework and if I must compare it to something you know, I would choose spring framework. jMaki is something as spring but for javaScript libraries. And of course jMaki topic lands on my to-know list 😉

Others talks was also very interesting about lucene, java db and performance (it faster than MySQL !!!) and the last one was about Java Benchmarking Tool build on JUnit. If I find some time I will look closer to this topic.

The best part was BOF sessions, and I choose a two session with Neal Gafter. He is responsible for java closures specification, we are talking about it nearly two hours, and now I 100% convinced to closures in java, next topic was about java puzzlers and Neal learn us a lot. After four hours (I didn’t recognize that) I take a walk to home, that was raining but Zurich is the beautiful city I ever seen, I make some photos and go sleep. Today social event day 😉
And now I am waiting for Erich Gamma speak.