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Jazoon – Day 3

Yep this was a social day. We’ve got just few presentation, we have Die Hard 4.0 pre-presentation and an occasion to see 5D movie, than from 20 to … we have Sun Microsystems party. It’s 10 years jugs (Java User Group Switzerland) and 25 years of Sun Microsystems. The keynote was about the IBM jazz […]


Jazoon – Day 2

Yesterday talks were amazing. The most interesting talk was about glassfish architecture by Jerome Doches from Sun Microsystems. He talks a lot about low level architecture of glassfish v3, and what can be interested glassfish starts in 2-3 seconds, and …. Supports rail, phobos and some others application which are no java application, and it […]


After Day One

Aaron was great, he told us about python and groovy and java limitations such as bean creation – why sun don’t create setters and getters for us, when we would be know if setter/getter do something or not. closures – it’s normal for ruby groovy and others ORM limitation – ORM in python and grails […]


The First Day – Jazoon

I’ve got some problems with my trips. I’ve got a hotel in Basel, and Jazoon is in Zurich, maybe it’s not so big problem, but I don’t like waste money and time. Unfortunately there was some conferences in Zurich other than Jazoon so every hotel in town was fully occupied. When I was accepted my […]