Pragmatic Programmer Issues


There are everywhere, please stop them or …. maybe use them ?.
The widgets are useful small programs run on top on widget engine. For someone who must use windows it’s a killer feature. Thanks to them you can enhance your pulpit and do many things you can’t in pure Windows installation. This is the brief list of widgets. I have used only Yahoo widget IMO it’s ok, and ab5k it’s ok … but now there are few widgets which are toys. If you use some of them please feel free to comment, and share your point of view. And now The List:

  • XUL the first one as I know, it can be run on mozilla products (thunderbird, mozilla, firefox). Thanks to XULRunner you can run it without this platforms. Thousands plugins, but the technology is a little bit old.
  • AB5k for java users it java 6 widget system. Today it has too little widgets out of box but who knows ..
  • Google Gadgets (they must have own name 😉 ) – many many widgets and of course Google can’t be wrong.
  • Microsoft Gadgets they must have own name too, but they probably don’t know Google Gadgets. There are about 1 thousand of M$ widgets. It was created for Vista but, there is also XP port (not from M$ ofcourse).
  • Yahoo Widget my favorite, maybe not the best. Yahoo get widgets with one of firm which yahoo bought. The widget is nice and good looking. There are many useful widget for example JIRA widget which has ability to get your task list into desktop. There are about two thousand widget so you find something useful for you. One more think, you can’t use if you havn’t enough free memory.
  • AOL has widget system called Boxly.

There are also many open source solutions iCarousel .

Which are the bestm i don’t know, IMO I suggest choose your favorit, install it, keep it and claim it’s the best 😉

Artist souls

You have a soul of artist? This site is for you “Portrayl” . It allows you to create story, adding chapters, and when you decided it is done, you can create eBook. The point is that others people can add chapters to your story too. From friend of mine there are also second literature social site from AOL called Ficlet, so now it’s time to consider if better make startup for google for few millions $ or write another Harry Potter for many-millions $. Good Consider Time 😉