Pragmatic Programmer Issues

The JavaOne is over

The hot topic on java one was Java Business Integration. Tibco has demonstrated ActiveMatrix 1.0, Sun has it’s JSR 208 (JBI) reference implementation called OpenESB, and what’s important JSR 312 JBI 2.0 has just begun.

DWR 2.0 is nearly out. It’s have three improvements: dynamic JS generation from Java, asynchronous messages from server, and security improvements to reduce possibility of XSS and CSRF

Sun has showed his own performance test tool called FABAN. It has CDDL license and I guarantee that I am going to write something about it in near feature

The conference is over. There are many interesting materials about this conference over the net. I suggest you to visit JavaOne site.

To much work (django conference& osgi presentation), to much pleasures (TLove rulez), I don’t know how can I afford this and that, but I am still alive ;).