Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Some news after may long weekend

MooTools have just released version 1.1, What is MooTools ? From MooTools site „MooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented javascript framework designed to make writing extensible and compatible code easier and faster. MooTools lets you get the job done efficiently and effectively.”
In version 1.1 they have optimized speed, added demos. In my opinion when you don’t have enough JS skills, MooTools allows you to achieve many nice to eye visual site decoration without pain.

Another exciting news is Sun JavaFx. Last time when I was written about Silverlight and new war between M$ and Adobe. Sun has one word to add here : “JavaFx”. The project is interesting, I looked at the demos, but I don’t know it’s not too late for this, maybe in mobile, I don’t know. But certainly I will look closer at this project later. For now it’s very controversial, but SUN can’t be wrong ;).

Google Analytics has new functions and fillings, the second version is more web2.0 application.
I still waiting for upgrading, but friend of mine already have had upgrade. It’s look nice, has more functionality and Avinash Kaushik made great description of it

Commons Configuration version 1.4 it’s helpful library from ASF. It provide a generic interface to manage application configuration. The configuration can be read from such sources as Properties files, XML documents, JDBC , System properties, Servlet parameters and few more.

If you are sentimental, so you should appreciate gays who writes old machine emulation. Last release of amiga emulator WinUAE improves “fullscreen” mode. Of course there are others ports E-UAE for *-nix systems and Mac which has the same improvements as WinUAE. And of course inspiration for this project UAE. Good to recall hours spends on playing games.

Last quick news, if you Titter Fan so you should look here for Twittersce which allows feed access from mobile phones