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Maven 2.0.6 and what next

So maven team is on the road now. They realized that waiting for 2.1 as long as for next debian stable release makes that potential user goes away. The 2.0.5 version was released on February 13, and 2.0.6 was released on last day of March. Now 2.0.7 is highly developed and you can download it and build for yourself. By the way the 2.0.4 version was released nearly one year ago (10 April 2006).

In my opinion : marvelous decision.

When you want to migrate to newer version you must consider if your dependency has proper version, because main improvement to 2.0.6 is that it’s now prefer dependencyManagment version over Resolved version. You can check if you should consider this issue.

In your project run

mvn dependency:analyze

important note : it must be 2.0.5 version.

You can have two possible answers one is that’s no differences report. This is good option because you can migrate to 2.0.6 without any problems, Second option is that dependency analysis say something similar

[INFO]  Dependency: group_id:artifact:type
[INFO]          DepMgt  : dependency management version
[INFO]          Resolved: resolved version

It means that after you switch into 2.0.6 your build file will be downgraded from resolved version to dependency management version

There are some bug fixes and improvements. You can read about it here

One last word, there are two option which help you switching from different maven setting

-Dorg.apache.maven.user-settings=/path/to/user/settings.xml : this one switches local setting : this one switches global setting

I think 2.0.7 will be deliver in next one and half month.


Good luck maven team.