Pragmatic Programmer Issues

Fast News (maybe not so fast)

Sun is purchasing the intellectual property of CDC spec phone maker SavaJe. It may be very interesting phone war, we have a couple new big players such as apple and now sun. I think this year may be very interesting for mobile devices. Another point in this war is that Apple don’t support java on his Mac OS X. That means that we all have java 5 update 11 but Mac OS X has java 5 update 7. Now I must review My dreams about MacBook.

News in JDBC 4.0

A new JSR-221 specifies JDBC version 4. A list of changes is not so huge, there’s some minor changes. One of the major changes was addition XML data type support which is mapped to SQLXML java type. Another added data type is RowId interface, SQL ROWID is the fastest way to access data. Another nice enchantment is that you don’t have to call Class.forName and register driver to driver manager. Everything you must do is put JDBC driver into classpath.

There are many minor changes such as adding DatabaseMetaData, adding more methods such as createClob in Connection, free in Array and others, pleas refers to JDBC specification for details, but in my opinion the most change is introduction more implementation of ResultSet and better Exception Handling.