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Cocoon 2.2 – the empire strikes back ?

Yesterday I was on wjug meeting. The topic of the meeting was about cocoon 2.2. Our speaker Grzegorz Kossakowski is Apache Cocoon PMC, and he shows us cocoon 2.2. which still hasn’t been released.

Here is the list of main improvements.

  • Documentation : most of developer work now is documenting code, new documentation design, comparing to 2.1 version it heroic work done.
  • Blocks – because of sitemaps complication, now application should be divided to block, which should be single focused part. Now block are simple servlet so you can integrate your servlet into cocoon or use cocoon blocks as a servlet
  • Modularity – at last cocoon based application may be smaller than 60M. There is no one cocoon.jar now but you have opportunity to choose which modules you need and include only this few modules.
  • Daisy – CMS system based on cocoon so you can learn from the bests.
  • Springframework Avalon (closed project) was change to springframework, it’s simpler now, and there are many spring beans you can access thought context
  • Maven2 – maven archetypes, builds mechanism and of course repository with cocoon models.
  • AJAX – now every project needs be ajax integrated, and cocoon is not different here. So you may use ajax transformer based on dojotoolkit 0.4
  • Versioning – From now every module will be versioning from 1.0, and cocoon core will be 2.2. every module will be released separately

I will wait for public release, so we’ll se.