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Fast News (maybe not so fast)

Sun is purchasing the intellectual property of CDC spec phone maker SavaJe. It may be very interesting phone war, we have a couple new big players such as apple and now sun. I think this year may be very interesting for mobile devices. Another point in this war is that Apple don’t support java on […]


Continuous Integration

Today we started choosing Continuous Integration server. I become a leader of this project, so we’ll see. From brainstorming we choose for a month evaluation : CruiseControl CruiseControl.NET Continuum TeamCity LuntBuild Bamboo Hudson Which one wins, who knows. Personally I’m responsible for the Bamboo evaluation and what can i say today is that it’s made […]



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Lastly I have found programmer personality test and made it for fun, here is my result. You can try here Your programmer personality type is: DHTB You’re a Doer. You are very quick at getting tasks done. You believe the outcome is the most important part of a task and the faster you can reach […]



Our last seminar was abort scala language. I met with this language in December 2006 when I was prepared own seminary about java kingdom of languages. Martin Odersky makes experiment to create functional and object programming language. He chose java virtual machine as a compilation platform so scala has great library support. One of very […]


Hibernate Shard, Serach and Validate

We have three new Hibernate Projects, this projects add great possibility. Hibernate Shards This is a framework that is designed for horizontal partitioning. It’s key features are that Shards allows you still use Hibernate API, You can add your own shredding strategies and of course it’s open source. Hibernate Search This helps you achieve full […]


Cocoon 2.2 – the empire strikes back ?

Yesterday I was on wjug meeting. The topic of the meeting was about cocoon 2.2. Our speaker Grzegorz Kossakowski is Apache Cocoon PMC, and he shows us cocoon 2.2. which still hasn’t been released. Here is the list of main improvements. Documentation : most of developer work now is documenting code, new documentation design, comparing […]


Maven 2.0.6 and what next

So maven team is on the road now. They realized that waiting for 2.1 as long as for next debian stable release makes that potential user goes away. The 2.0.5 version was released on February 13, and 2.0.6 was released on last day of March. Now 2.0.7 is highly developed and you can download it […]