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week or two weeks off

Last week I was on vacation, and now another week off. Everything beacuse of because of man’s stupid-ness. I like Scoble’s idea and will be taking the week off. Good luck



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Our project has ant magic telnet deployment. After project was moved too maven, we encounter a problem with telnet under maven. Firstly I googled a while to find something useful plugin, without success. Everybody suggest use antrun, but if i moved to maven why i must still use ant. So i decided to write my […]


OSGI – the future from the past

I don’t know why, but sometimes great technology comes to early. And it must wait for its time. I think the same is with OSGi. Now we have forth edition. The first edition was released in May 2000. The situation was change after Eclipse foundation chooses OSGi specification in eclipse 3.2 as plugin system. Now […]