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Seam or not to seam

Today is a titan worker day. Karwer and I have killed nearly all tasks in 1.9.2.

For long time I waited for Seam exploration. I read Jacek fights with seam and application servers. He provides simple seam 5 minutes tutorial startup.

1. Get JEMS Installer 1.2.0.GA.
2. Get JBoss Seam 1.1.6.GA.
3. Install JBoss AS 4.0.5.GA with EJB 3.0

java -jar ./jems-installer-1.2.0.GA.jar -installGroup ejb3 installpath=

4. Unzip seam.
5. Run seam setup
6. create project seam
7. Run JBoss AS and you’re done.

After that you have:

* project structure with ant build.xml
* EJB 3.0
* TestNG with JBoss Embeddable EJB3
* JSF template
* Database (HSQL) integration
* You have simple login form (which works)

Directory structure, I’m disappointed, because it’s no maven like. You have netbeans project, if you use eclipse or idea you have got a problem. It’s ant, so you have 32M lib directory.

I think than seam wants to show that he can generate more than RoR (by the way, django way 😉 ).

So seam guys suggested use netbeans, no problem. Downloaded, installed and … everything is fine. Netbeans is better and better. Maybe it’s time to look closer on it. We’ll see. I going back to seam.

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