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Django first meeting ;)

Ok I finished bootstrap meeting. It’s time to look at django framework. Some years ago I try python, and I think it’s worth knowing. Let’s see django.

Django requires python 2.3+ so I check my machine.

pedro@pedrowaty: ~ -V
Python 2.4.4

Bingo. Let’s follow installation instruction, get django tarball.

pedro@pedrowaty: ~ wget
tar xzvf Django-0.95.1.tar.gz
cd Django-0.95.1
sudo python install

Also I read that this don’t work with python 2.5, luckily I’ve got 2.4.4 😉

Next I followed this instruction

I follow this tutorial 1 and what can I say? It’s easy as RoR. So the trip just begin, I couldn’t do my test app with this framework because of my home-life. But I’m sure the next meeting is coming as quick as possible.