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Django admin rulez

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Holly dolly

After I generate django project there was so little files. All Ruby on Rails
script directory is in, setting in quit simple.
Four files, it amazing.

Today I’ve got some time to look at tutorial2. And I don’t believe it, just can believe, the django admin application is marvelous. I don’t know what to say, it’s perfect. Even RoR ajax_scaffold is nothing special compared to django admin.
I Can’t even write here what I saw. Definitely everyone should see this. Great Job.

And to be honest this confusion was before I read about templates and css possibilities.

What is certain, I follow tutorial3, and definitely I wrote some application in django. Tomorrow I will fighting with bottlenecks, so I’m going to rest to be prepared.

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And I was so convinced to Ruby on Rails. And what? Python didn’t throw up the game.
Which one will be the next ?