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Django 3rd day

Now Django has no chance. After admin panel my expectation are very high.

But once again I was wrong.

Today tutorial 4, I didn’t achieve tutorial 4 because i play basketball and I’ve got appointment tomorrow about 7 a.m.

OK, URL managing, in my opinion it’s better than RoR because you have full control about it. For example

(r’^polls/(?P<poll_id>\d+)/$’, ‘mysite.polls.views.detail’),

Means that django all URL that matches regular expression


Sends to module mysite.polls.views and call detail() function like

detail(request=<httprequest>, poll_id=’23’)

Next, tutorial shows how to write views, template. Finally it shows us a shortcuts. Yeah the functions from django.shortcuts boosts developing speed.

The last part of tutorial before me, and I’m thinking about topic of application to write, yet another blog is too easy for django and it’s admin module. So please suggest me something.


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