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Pedro Newsletter 31.03.2011

And now for something completely different: King of the Apps: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.

Pedro Newsletter 30.03.2011


And now time for something completely different: Bobcat Tuesday :>

Amazon Cloud Drive and Play

Amazon is awesome!

Everyone of us have a lot of music files. You can try “du -hs Music/“, I’m getting 100+GB answer, and this is just the part of my music, mostly because “df -h” is saying “Avail 4.5Gb” .
This is after I purge more than 50GB of music.

I’m also user of Grooveshark and Pandora services, because I cannot have all my music.

But the world is changing now, Amazon announced two services:

To start using both services you have to accept terms and you are ready.

Cloud Drive is build on top S3 and you get 5Gb for free. Of course you can buy more till 1000Gb. There is also Metadata Service that allows us to search our files stored into Cloud Drive.

Some photos:
Cloud Drive:

Cloud Player:

Amazon Uploader:

There is also web player as well Android app. Every purchase you made in Amazon MP3 Store or by Android App can be stored in Cloud Drive, than played from whatever place.

Hope Cloud Player for iPhone is in review queue, so it should be announced soon.

My summary: This is Awesome.

Pedro Newsletter 29.03.2011


Registration for WWDC 2011 has started, and Jeff as every year have great tips for all you lucky ones and before I posted this news, WWDC tickets are sold out!